Hi, I’m Jordan Gulbronson

and I design experiences

My designs focus on helping all people take control of and find more value in their digital experiences. I’m currently a UX Designer on the Twitch Prime team at Amazon working to scale our experiences and make them more accessible.


Premera Mobile Design System

The Premera Blue Cross mobile app was getting to a point of rapid growth in both features and contributors and we needed to rethink our design process and development handoff. So I began working with the team to discover how we could better streamline our processes, eventually resulting in the Premera Mobile Design System.

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Comcast Employee Dashboard

While on the HR Communications team at Comcast, I was asked to create a strategy for and design a new employee dashboard-style Web Application. The goal was to bring together the many current platforms throughout the company into a personalized solution.

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As the Lead Product Designer for the mobile app start-up Crowds, I worked with the founders and developers to create the Branding, User Interface Design, User Experience, and Interaction Design. I am also the team’s Web Developer.

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CityParks is an Alexa Skill designed to help users discover new parks in Central Philadelphia. With this project, I hope to provide people with an informational Voice User Interface with all they need to explore green spaces throughout the city.

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I’m a Designer based in Seattle, Washington that believes you can never listen too much. I value learning and experimentation above all else and love to be proven wrong. Currently at Twitch Prime, I'm working to create a community for all gamers through scalable systems.